Stories from Our Community

A Medical Emergency

I'm a single mother of one very sweet little girl who, unfortunately, has been suffering from some serious medical problems. She started getting really sick toward the end of the last school year. She was having pain and vomiting that, after countless trips to the doctor and the emergency room and losing 7 pounds throughout the summer, we still couldn't figure out. (Read more. . .)

Collision of Circumstances

If it were not for the Mendocino Coast Children's Fund, my husband, my three children: two sons ages 11 and 17, and my daughter 7, and I would be homeless. A few months ago I was told that I needed to have multiple medical tests done and I needed medications, many (of the tests) were not paid by my insurance. I had lost my job a few months prior, so my husband was our sole provider. (Read more . . .)

D'Ann Garcia, School Counselor

Mendocino Coast Children's Fund provides money for childrens' basic necessities, including shoes.

My name is D’Ann Garcia, and I work in a counseling role at several school sites here on our coast. I wanted to take a moment to thank you for all that you do for our local children.

In my position, I often come across kids in dire need of basic fundamental items. Thankfully, you have made it possible for these kids to have these needs met by providing things such as school clothes, a backpack, and sometimes a bus pass that often determines their ability to maintain regular school attendance.

Beyond that though, there are so many stories that go much deeper. (Read more . . .)


Jason Morse, MUSD Superintendent

Community Partner Harvest Market donates one dime for every bag token collected by customers. We couldn't do this without you!

At the Mendocino Unified School District, we and our families rely on assistance from the Mendocino Coast Children’s Fund (MCCF). If we have a need, it seems as if MCCF is always willing and able to help. Our students in need have received MTA bus passes, backpacks, shoes, and warm clothes. They help with school-wide activities as well such as gardening projects, snacks, parenting classes, and even swim lessons at the CV Starr Swim Center. MCCF is there to help our children and families have a better chance to succeed. I have never heard the MCCF say the word “no”. In fact, it seems that word is not in their vocabulary. They roll their sleeves up and find a way to help, no matter what roadblocks are in the way. As a school district, we appreciate that “can do” attitude!

Thanks for all that you do!
Jason Morse
Mendocino Unified School District

Holly Rawlins, School Counselor

Mendocino Coast Children's Fund helps provide schools with money for healthy snacks, school supplies, and so much more.

Twice a year my school, Arena Elementary, gets a gift of money from the Mendocino Coast Children’s Fund. The dollars go into a special fund called “Arena Needy Kids,” and it is used for so MANY things!

It buys the peanut butter and jelly we use to make morning snacks for our youngest children. It buys shoes for the poorly shod, sweatshirts for the chilly. I’ve used it for haircuts, basketball shoes, a team sweatshirt, and once to buy shower tokens for a child who was living without running water in his home. This money allows students to not stand out in the crowd of their peers.

More than this, MCCF allows me to send students to camp for free, provides my students with back-to-school clothes and supplies, stocks my shelves with backpacks and sleeping bags for those who need them. In short, MCCF makes the lives of my student better!


Forever grateful,

Holly Rawlins
Counselor, Point Arena Schools