Collision of Circumstances

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If it were not for the Mendocino Coast Children's Fund, my husband, my three children (two sons aged 11 and 17 and my daughter aged 7), and I would be homeless. A few months ago I was told that I needed to have multiple medical tests done and I needed medications. Many (of the tests) were not paid by my insurance. I had lost my job a few months prior, so my husband was our sole provider.

In September, it seemed as if everything came crashing down. We did not have enough money to pay the rent, the water was going to be shut off, my car (we only have one) was on empty, and we did not have enough food to make it until our CalFresh got reloaded (food stamps).

I was told to go see the people at Safe Passage, that the Mendocino Coast Children's Fund works through them. I felt welcomed, and never once did I feel ashamed or embarrassed. I felt as if the people there understood what I was feeling and what I was going through. I could not believe the amount of help I was given.

I had just been offered a new job but it required training in Ukiah, and I could not afford the gas. The Children's Fund arranged for me to get gas cards so I could attend. They also loaned me funds to help bridge the gap between my new job and my first paycheck. Once we are back on our feet, our family can help the next family that is struggling by paying it back slowly so we don't get behind again.

Now I am working, healing, and able to hold my head up in my own community. The Mendocino Coast Children's Fund not only helps with funds but they help with allowing people to keep their dignity and self-respect. I can't say thank you enough. I will always be grateful.